Telephone Systems from Alcom, all come with basic call centre functionality, that when linked with Call Centre Solutions from CyTrack Technologies, provide solutions that can be tailored to any size Call Centre.

What benefits can a complete call centre solution offer?

  • Blend inbound and outbound calls.
  • Operate multiple live campaigns.
  • Multiple contact touch points, including voice, email, web and fax.
  • Generate live callers and management reports.
  • Manage your centre through seamless remote access.
  • Display interactive, full media screens for promotions and motivation.
  • Run all this on industry standard platforms.
  • Take advantage of least cost routing (LCR).
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) - H.323 compliant systems.
  • By implementing our call centre solutions, our customers have seen key operational benefits, from quicker customer responses to more effective management of Call centre resources, leading to huge cost savings and a better customer experience.


The combination of a professional team of agents, sound management and the effective use of state-of-the art technology can produce startling results with any call centre / contact centre. Alcom Voice Solutions include:

  • Management information through real time reporting.- Web Based
  • Custom reports, from agent trends through to call and campaign costs.
  • Wall boards and plasma screens, for queue management and agent motivation.
  • Call recording - either ad-hoc or blanket recording.
  • Predictive and pre-emptive diallers.
  • Integrate your CC agent with your In-house CRM System
  • Multiple flexible queues, campaigns and auto attendants.
  • Social Media integration with Twitter and Facebook connections
  • Completion Code reporting- Identify key trends from your CC calls.