Pass through mode - Call Recorder ISDN II / 4:

The Call Recorder ISDN II can use the Vidicode “Pass Through Mode”. Some of the possibilities of the Pass Through Mode, answer the telephone, give the notification message and then connect to the PABX. Various settings for selective recording, for example via a command from the telephone keys (** star commands) or based on internal or external number recognition (Caller ID). It can withhold internal telephone numbers on an outgoing call (CLIP Filtering).



Call Recorder PRI

The Call Recorder PRI models are Vidicode's top models for recording from ISDN Primary rate (30 channels, also referred to as E1). The PRI is manufactured with the latest techniques developed by Vidicode to make it the most easy to install, yet flexible E1 recorder.

Call Recording Systems

Why would you need a Call Recorder PRI? Some possible answers could be: To protect your organisation when employees trustingly act on something agreed by telephone, such as an order placed. To justify that employees have responded well to the demands of people and organisations, for example in healthcare. To protect our employees against threats.